WARNING: No downgrade is possible at the moment!

Latest Version: 5.05
Not exploited in public yet

If you have a PlayStation 4 update between 1.01 & 1.75 you must upgrade to 1.76 . This is possible by downloading the update 1.76 and then installing it with a USB key.

Downloading Update 1.76 : Here



1) Connect your USB Key to your PC, at the base of the key create a PS4 folder then an UPDATE folder (all capitalized!). Then put the update in the UPDATE folder, being careful that the update is renamed PS4UPDATE.PUP

2) Access the recovery mode ) of your console then click on "Update the system software" and here you are 1.76 update!

Do not update your console be patient! A developer named Flat_z would own an Exploit Kernel and could unveil it very soon!

In update 5.00 the developer qwertyoruiopz has an Exploit Kernel which is still not patched however there is very little chance for him to reveal it and therefore I advise to put day your console and buy a second one in update 4.55 or 4.05


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