PS3 NAND/NOR Flasher 4.82

READ EVERYTHING Before you start!

Note: DONT NOT USE on 3k/4k Models! Some 25XX Models are also unhackable!
To see if your can be hacked, follow the instructions on the page Is my 25XX Unit hackable?
Failure to follow this will result in a brick!

Step 1: UPDATE TO 4.82 OFW (UK Link)
Step 2: Place the flsh.hex ON YOUR USB (FAT32) and put it into your RIGHT most usb port, DO NOT Rename it!
(Video Tutorial)

After The Flasher Successfully finishes with a Triple Beep Install this 4.82 CFW

To start Click ONE!


PS3 4.82 NAND Flasher V2  (HDD Ver)

PS3 4.82 NOR Flasher V2  (HDD Ver)

Dumper to Backup your NOR and NAND Flash Supports 4.10-4.82 and 4.82 DEX

PS3 Flash Dumper NOR/NAND/eMMC 
NAND Only Dumps to HDD


PS3 NOR ONLY Dumper for Other versions

Here's a Online MD5 Checker

ALL Credits go to Team PS3Xploit whom without them this would not be possible!

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